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Conditions for executing the jewelry project and/or the end product.

The text belows outlines the conditions for executing the jewelry project and/or the end product by Bodex Klepaccy-Silver located at 16-100 Sokółka ul. Kłopotowskiego 1 NIP PL5450003745, further refered to as service provider/vendor.

I. The object – general conditions:

1) The client orders jewelry design and the service provider commits to execute the project in a form of digital visualization.

2) The customer is obligated to provide all the necessary information relevant to the project and, in particular, a detailed description, possibly sketch of an idea or an inspiration image. Descriptive information about the details, size, type and size of stones, etc. The Customer shall also provide the framework for the budget of the finished product made ​​in silver or gold. This allows the contractor to adjust the amount and type of stones used in the project in order to prepare the final model within budget. The more accurate the information provided by the client, the better chances of the vendor meeting its expectations.

3) The client certifies that all the information is not copyrighted.

4) The service provider will accept only those orders that are possible to execute with the technology available to the vendor.

II. The cost of preparing the project and range of guaranteed services

1) The cost of preparing the project and/or executing it is decided individually and is delivered to the client by email.  The client shall pay either the full cost or a deposit for the project before design and/or execution of the finished project begins.  The fee will not be refunded if the client changed his mind at any stage of the project.

The agreed amount shall cover the following:

a) preparation of the preliminary draft (based on information provided by the client)

b) consultation and 2 rounds of changes to the project (the modifications cannot affect the basic shape of the project resulting in the necessity to remodel the entire design)

c) handing over the complete project to the client in a form of digital visual file JPG.

2) In case the scope of work is increased above the specified individual amount, the client is required to pay for additional work of the designer in the amount of 55 zl for 1 hour.

3) Customer acknowledges that he has been informed that the changes in implementing the project may change the cost of making the final product in relation to the price specified in the provisional findings.

4) For technical reasons, the production of finished products in metal, some of the requirements, ideas and visions of the Customer, may not be possible to implement due to technological measures used by the service provider. Refusing to do this kind of elements is not deviation from the contract, and the contractor should be paid for work on the project.

5) Price does not include the property rights to it. All copyrights and property rights are the property of BODEX Klepaccy-Silver. Transfer of property rights of the project may be made ​​only after the signing of a separate agreement and payment of an additional fee.

6) The payments of an agreed amount can be made by a bank transfer to Bank Pekao SA nr. rachunku PL 08 1240 5240 1111 0000 5704 7456 specifying in the title „payment for project and last name” or by cash at the company.

III. Project schedule.

1) The service provider, after receiving all the neccessary documents and information from the client, is obligated to prepare an initial design within 3 business days and send it to the client for approval.

2) After receiving the initial design, the client is obligated to send in his comments and suggested changes via email within 3 business days.  The client will be able to speak to the designer directly to discuss the concept, his vision, and the details

3) The vendor is obligated to then modify the project based on the comments proposed by the client and consulted with the designer and send it for another approval within 3 business days.

4) Within 3 business days, the client can describe the last changes and comments and send it back to the vendor to be adjusted in the final project.

 5)The service provider will than do the last revisions and present the final project to the client.

6)After the final approval, the project will be delivered to the client in a previously agreed form and the work on the project will be considered finished.

7) If the client decides to have the project executed based on the approved design, the service provider will begin the manufacturing process.  The final product will be available within 10-14 business days from the day of client’s approval.

8) In a case of unforseen circumstances, the schedule may be extended.  It does not constitute basis for terminating the project or the production of the finished product by both parties.

IV. Information regarding contact.

Materials shall be sent to us via e-mail: 
biuro@bodex-klepaccy.pl , the same address which will later be used for all future communication on the project. Telephone numbers to contact  +48 85 711 94 27

V. Copyright and property rights of objects and third parties.

1) All projects are subject to legal protection under the Act of February 4, 1994. on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal. Laws of 2000., No. 80, item. 904, as amended. d.).

2) The term "Project" means the project at every stage, regardless of the form in which it is presented (sketch, rendering, image, 3D model)

3) The service provider shall not be liable for infringement of copyright and related rights by you.

4) All disputes the parties agree to settle amicably. If you are unable to resolve the dispute amicably, competent court for any disputes arising from the work on the project is the court competent for the place where service providers/ vendors are located.

VI. Privacy policy

1) In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text dated 6 July 2002 - OJ 2002.101.926), the Seller is committed to protecting your personal information.

2) By placing an order, the client voluntarily consents to the processing and use of personal data for the purpose of the contract and any claim or facilitation of subsequent contracts. These data are not processed or used for any other purpose.

3) The client has the right to inspect their data, to correct them and require the cessation of their use or removal.

4) The client consents to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, thereby agrees to receive information related to the offer of the company and its operations by e-mail or delivered to home address.


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